Q:How far does Justin schedule out?
A: 2-3 months at a time.

Q: How does Justin’s appointments work?
A: Justin does 1 day sessions or 2day back to back sessions to complete your piece. For traveling clients or clients who are getting larger pieces or sleeve work we do have 3 day appointments or can schedule you for multiple appointments during the week.

Q: How much work does Justin get done in a Full days session or one 2 day back to back session?
A: Most of the finished pieces you see on our Instagram and Facebook (not including full Sleeves, full back pieces ect) are full 1 or 2 day sessions.

Q: What tattoo requests are you currently accepting?
A: Justin is only booking pieces that allow him Crea8tive freedom involving black and grey work, cultural/tribal faces, zodiac themed faces/animals and flowers. or original designs such as his drawings he posts on Instagram or Facebook. He is currently not taking any script, lettering, or cover ups at this time.

Q: Are you doing any conventions in or traveling this year?
A:2021 as of now he is not making any plans to travel.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Orlando, Florida,USA

Q: Will I get to see the design before my appointment date?
A: Unfortunately not. We can not send designs via email or post them for you to look at until your appointment date.

Q: Will I get to talk to Justin personally before my appointment date?
A: Yes. Once you have been approved for your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with an over the phone consultation date and time where Justin will be calling you to discuss your design.

Q: If I need to reschedule do I lose my deposit?
A: As long as you give us at least 2 weeks notice to reschedule you will not lose your deposit and we will roll it over to your new appointment date.

Q: How much does Justin charge for a tattoo?
A: We don’t provide quotes online as there are many factors used to determine the price of a tattoo.